An Extraordinary Life

Pete Seeger

Pete Seeger has always been one of those famous musicians from the past with whom I knew I should be more familiar, but just never had gotten around to it. After seeing the documentary Pete Seeger: The Power of Song last night, I regret the time lost in knowing about this extraordinary human being. I am a great believer, however, that things – and people – come to us when we’re ready for them.

Pete Seeger has lived the kind of exemplary life that it would be unfair to compare the rest of ours to, but we can use it as an example, a goal, an aspiration. The thing I would most like to take as an example for myself is his absolute commitment to following his own vision without want or need of outside authority or approval. He had such unwavering confidence in his own heart, mind, and soul that, come what may, he seems to have never strayed from his path for a moment. He listened to and followed his own divine directives in a way that most of us can only fantasize about. This is the encapsulated version of what inspires me about the life of this man, and why I’d like to inspire others to go see it (playing at the Naro now, for those in the Norfolk area). Whether you’re familiar with him or not, whether you like folk music or not, go see this film!

Update: you can now see it here, even more inspiring (if that’s possible) now that Mr. Seeger has left us poor souls behind.


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