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As most of you all know, I have been photographing more seriously for the last year and a half. But even in my last year or so of not having a DSLR, but having a Canon Powershot SX1IS, I started making a calendar each year as a gift for family and friends. It has been a labor of love that is almost always satisfying when all is said and done. It has also been a way of tracking my progress as a photographer, almost like a snapshot of what I knew or learned that year. I look back at those first calendars now, and I wonder what I was thinking in some cases, and in other cases I’m surprised to still like a particular photo and/or quote as much as I do. Each year I wonder if this will be the year I will stop making the calendar, and then somebody will ask about it, and it feels inevitable that I will make it. Last year, I was pleased to have some folks ask if they could buy some. I didn’t have extras to sell, but it got me thinking, and this year I will be taking orders for the 2015 calendar. Money is tight enough that I may not be able to do it without selling copies, but even if that weren’t true, I think it is high time!

My friend, the lovely poet Kristy Bell, called the calendars “a thoughtful marriage of meaningful words [and] beautiful nature photography.” She’s referring to the fact that each month’s photo is paired with a carefully selected companion verse from a poem or song that complements the photo, and in many cases adds depth and meaning to both photo and words (or at least I intend it so). Everyone needs a calendar, and I know there’s a lot of competition in this particular niche, but I hope you will consider my calendar to fill your needs in the upcoming year. It has standard wall calendar dimensions with all major holidays noted, as well as full and new moons. By the way, we are having a blue moon in 2015! Can you guess which month? It also notes my birthday, which is very important business, of course.

2015 CalendarIf you would like to order, please use the buy button located on the News page. I will keep the calendar in the top spot until after the new year. They are $25 through November 30, at which time I will put in a bulk order. After that, it will be $30 + $5 shipping unless you order at least 3, which will take away the shipping charge. Next year, I will do research in hopes of finding a printer with which I can have equal or better quality at a lower per item price. I hope to hear from you guys. Perhaps I’ll do a follow up post about how it goes!


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