Get Out of Auto Mode!

Do you get great pictures with your auto setup…until conditions are not ideal? Can you not understand why pictures you take don’t come out the way you anticipate? Do you have a vague understanding of the “exposure triangle,” but only enough to confuse yourself? Did you get a fancy camera this Christmas (or your birthday, or any other occasion) that you have no idea how to use? Do you want to understand the basics of manual photography before you invest in a fancy camera?  Well, then, come join me in Virginia Beach for a one-weekend workshop, and leave with all you need to produce a good exposure on Manual mode. By the end of the weekend, manual camera settings will be second nature! You do NOT need any experience with photography, or a DSLR camera, but you DO need a digital camera with a Manual (M) setting and the owner’s manual for your specific camera. Limited to 10 slots. PLEASE NOTE: I am taking a hiatus from face to face workshops for the second half of 2017 in order to focus on creating online video trainings. I am offering one more iteration this year of my Intro class here. I plan to offer the next Auto-to-Manual Workshop in February of 2018. Please revisit in the Fall to learn the dates. Thanks for your interest & your patience! 

I highly recommend Tracey as a professional educator. She is talented both as a teacher and as a photographer. Tracey Set me free!! ~ Julie

Tracey is an excellent instructor in making sure the class is broken down into small pieces to help you understand. I learned a few tricks that I have never taken away from the many classes I have taken. Not only do you have in-class instruction but you go out in the “field” so to speak! ~ Debbi

Auto Manual Flyer