A Question of Style

Nelson's Sparrow Pano Most often, when we are “going somewhere” in the metaphorical sense, that going happens in fits and starts, and sometimes even takes us in circles. I am by no means at the end of the process I’m about to describe, … Read More

Magic Wands & the ‘Church’ of Abraham

Magic WandAs some of you know, I am a great fan of the teacher known as Abraham. They are the best source for gaining a better understanding of metaphysics, the Law of Attraction, and just how to start soaring through

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What does Grooming a Horse & Using Photoshop Have in Common?

Bay Lady, My Favorite HorsWhen I was young, I was wild about horses. There was a horse ranch in my area that also served as a summer camp, and gave riding lessons on Saturdays in the other seasons. I learned horseback riding there when … Read More

Out, Damned Virus! Out I Say!

If you visited my website last week (and possibly before that), you may have noticed an unusual link in the upper left corner on every page. It said, “Cost of Valtrex.” After my initial freak out, I not only added … Read More

Virginia Flower & Garden Expo 2015

Field of GoldIt is that time of year again, time for the Virginia Flower & Garden Expo. It will be running January 29th through February 1st. One of my photo clubs has a booth there each year, and … Read More