Virginia Flower & Garden Expo 2015

Field of GoldIt is that time of year again, time for the Virginia Flower & Garden Expo. It will be running January 29th through February 1st. One of my photo clubs has a booth there each year, and I will be working a shift at this year’s (Friday afternoon/evening), and I’ll have a few things for sale there. This year, I am not printing anything new for it (I’ll save that for the Craft show in March), and will be bringing some “leftovers” from other events. One of those so-called “leftovers” is a beautiful canvas print in a gold frame of this sunflower photo. The gold frame makes it even more vibrant, and in looking at it again, I am reminded that just because something doesn’t sell at a given event does not mean that it doesn’t have value. Will I be happy if it sells? Sure, but I’ll also be happy to take it back home and put it on my own walls until the next opportunity. This photo is a 16×20. Other offerings for this weekend are smaller, including some unframed prints on foam core, and even individual cards. Besides us (look for us in the back left corner as you’re walking in), there will be a variety of other vendors, crafty and otherwise. It’s cold and rainy, so why not come out & plan (or just dream about) spring flowers???


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